My craziest travel experience (so far)!

My very first trip abroad was adventurous to say the least! I went on a 30-day adventure in Europe with art students from my University……nope, I was not an art student. During this trip I was fortunate enough to go to 9 different countries! A few of those places included Germany, England, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Italy.

Italy was one of my FAVORITE stops of the trip. I explored many cities in Italy alone. We went to..


Venice (insert Pic)



This is where my craziest experience (so far) took place…’s how it went down!

As you know I am a black sista, and I have the afro to prove it lol One of my very best friends (heyyyy Shayla 👋🏿) who was also on this trip with me and is also a black sista had very long Senegalese twists in her hair at the time. So Shayla and I had just gone to get more gelato, and I say more because we ate gelato probably about 2 or maybe 3 times a day. Anyway, we were just minding our business walking back to join up with the rest of our group, and as we were walking down the pathway this elderly Italian couple came straight up to me and dug their hands right into my hair!!! When I say she DUG it in, she really DUGGG it in, like gave me a full scalp massage and everything!!! But they weren’t done with us yet. After they finished touching my hair they went over to Shayla and started rubbing and feeling her twists 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

When I tell you we were both SO SHOCKED! We were STUCK lol Not only were they rubbing and feeling our heads, but they were yelling Italian at us (which we do not understand) and doing hand gestures.

Although in the moment Shayla and I were both very shocked and not sure how to feel, we laugh about it now. Growing up in the U.S. that is not something that I experience on a regular basis. With the exception of a few curious “can I feel your hair?” questions. But even then, they usually announce it before they massage your scalp 😆

Has anything like this ever happen to you while traveling, or even in your hometown? If so, tell me about it in the comments below!