Should you still travel as a picky eater? Hell yeah!! And here is how…

Traveling the world as a VERY picky eater (especially as an adult), can be very hard. What I’ve learned in my small amount of travel is that people like to experience different cultures in different ways. Some want to learn all about historical background and how certain cultures and traditions originated, while others like to experience cultures through music and art. Most often all of those aspects go hand in hand.

Growing up I was always the child who only ate chicken nuggets and French fries 🤭. I am not proud to be a picky eater, but I am who I am right! I can honestly say that my food selection has grown tremendously since I am an adult now lol but I still am reserved in the foods that I try, especially if it will be my only meal for the night.

I remember a specific encounter in France, I was at a restaurant with a group of girls who all ordered French staples (escargot, frog legs, etc.) and I ordered cheese pizza or “pizza margarita”. Everyone made comments about how I was in France and was eating pizza. “I just can’t believe that you ordered pizza!” one person in the group said. In my head I was thinking, “at this point I am in survival mode. I need to choose something that I know I will like and be full!” In the end, my pizza was DELICIOUS, and I ended up being the only person who enjoyed my food and left the restaurant full and satisfied. 

I say all of this to say, if you are a picky eater, and abroad, BE YOU! Don’t let anyone tell you how to experience new places! It doesn’t have to be through food. It can be anyway YOU prefer.


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