We are Lawrence and Dyonna, an engaged couple taking life step by step. We thought we wanted the “American Dream” so we did everything everyone else told us to do. We went to college, got jobs we thought we would make our forever careers, bought new cars, got engaged, and we even bought a home.

But then something happened.

We realized that life is extremely short, especially since you only get one try. After that, we decided that we would start taking chances, stepping out of our comfort zones, and enjoying whatever rollercoaster God throws our way. We know that there are always a few scary drops along the way, but in the end the ride is always worth it.

The biggest realization of all…

We realized that we would not want to do this thing called life with any other human on the planet.

And thus, Doing Life With You was born.

We are currently working towards our goal to travel full-time for a minimum of a year. And even though that sounds crazy to most people, we are stepping out on faith and following our hearts desires. Because again, YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. We aren’t where we want to be, but by December 2020, we are out of here!

So if you are looking for a place dedicated to inspiring young black couples to create, step outside of your comfort zone (or you just want to watch us do it), and see the world, you’ve come to the right place. This blog dives into everything LIFE, TRAVEL, and TECH related. As often times, we’ve noticed that even in this era persons who look like us are often left out or looked over in this world.

And of course, we appreciate YOU for doing life with US.

With Love and Appreciation,

Lawrence and Dyonna